Groove Agent - Tap tempo sync


I’d like to buy Groove Agent 5 but I need to know if it’s possible to control tempo change via a midi controller like Maschine MK3 to adjust the tempo in live session (in stand alone mode or inside Cubase).
Actually, inside Cubase I’m pretty sure it’s impossible, cf documentation : “Cubase does not support being a MIDI clock slave.”
But as one of Groove Agent goal is to play live session, I don’t understand how tempo synchronization via MIDI clock couldn’t be possible !
If not, I will do the job with the controller software instead but it would be a shame :mrgreen:


Ok, I will answer to myself, maybe it will be useful to someone else.
As it’s impossible to sync Cubase tempo via midi clock, the only way is to use Groove Agent as VST plugin inside Maschine software and to control the tempo via tap tempo on MK3 controller or another device.