Groove Agent vs Battery and Issues

I’m finding that Groove Agent is easier to use to quickly get ideas for two reasons:

  1. I can play patterns in Groove agent
  2. It’s simple to create multiple tracks from a single beat so i can mix each drum in cubase

Does anyone know if Battery has the same ability and if so, how?

Also, when I play a beat in battery from my keyboard it stacks 2 of every midi note I play so i have to go back and delete the first set. Does anyone know what’s up here? Thanks!


Battery 4 is great… only problem that I’ve found with it is they went out of their way to do away with any “live drums” style kits, that would sound like a real drum kit. It’s now geared mainly towards electronic music primarily. Almost no real kits. Don’t get me wrong, there is some COOL SH1T in Battery 4.

That being said, I LOVE using battery to manipulate my drum samples that I create and make Kontakt instruments out of them. I find them far easier to deal with than Kontakt. Plus I can open them right up in Kontakt.

As for your MIDI issue, sounds very much like you have MIDI Thru activated. Go under your preferences and tick that setting off.