… thoughts and experiences, anyone?


it would be helpful to know what you are looking for exactly. GA 4 and BFD 2/3 are quite different beasts.

I have both BFD2 and GA4 (besides a few other drum samplers and alike), but GA4 is a recent addition to my arsenal.
For acoustic drums I’m usually going for BFD2, as I think it can provide a much better, natural and dynamic sound. It provides generally a number of articulations for particular instruments and there are more drum kits and individual instruments available. For BFD(2/3) there are quite a number of expansion packs available for various needs.

GA4 on the other hand is of course more versatile if you are not only after acoustic drums. It provides quite a library for the “Beat Agent” - which is basically a sophisticate drum sampler. GA4 is tightly integrated into Cubase/Nuendo, and it features a style player for percussion and acoustic agents.

So, I think both are different beasts, the choice will depend on your priorities. I’m happy to own both, they can even complement each other.


O.K. So, it’s Groove Agent PLUS BFD, then.

Thanx! :slight_smile:

I have buy the GA Update from 3 to 4 and must admit, Version 4 is too complicated for me.
My dreamteam is Meldaproductions MDrummer in combination with AD1+2. The RhythmGenerator in MDrummer is brilliant. Set Kick and Snare hits and press “generate rhytm” … little bit edit, send midi out to AD midi in, ready.
Most of the time I need a fixed groove in a song to align it with bassline. This combi do it …

I’d definitely agree with this - as already posted they really are totally different animals.
GA is superb for a quick pattern, whereas BFD requires more effort to program the “groove” function.
It’s possible to do most of the things that GA can do in BFD, but it’s much faster in GA.
On the other hand, I do not think it is possible to use GA as a trigger because there is an error messaage that states "Groove Agent is not a VST Instrument (weird)
not a VSTi.PNG