Groove agent warning Cubase Element 9.5

I’m considering buying the Simon Phillips jazz groove agent set (with brush kit). I’m on the trial period.
When I drop a pattern from groove agent to a midi track, i get the warning that a pad and a pattern share the same assignment.
I understand (research on the net) that I can avoid this warning by clicking on the omni button at the bottom of the screen.

My question: have I done something wrong that necessitates a reset of some sort?
In other words: is it the symptom of a malfunction?
I confess I’m guilty of exchanging some drum pads once while experimenting. :confused:

It has nothing to do with the Simon Phillips library which is really great. By default Groove Agent responds to all 16 midi channels (omni). So in order to use it in a daw and drag grooves without the nag screen you just have to click on the lower left site where it says "omni’ and change it to 1 or any other channel you’d like to use.

Thank you for answering, Nickeldome!
I did not think the Simon kit was faulty.
I was wondering if I had done something wrong while experimenting with groove agent.
So it seems to be a built feature warning that pattern gets priority.
It’s not a big nag. And I can’t do without the Phillips kit. I’m quite average on the drum.