Groove Agent,Where's sound

Hi everyone,C7 working well here,but quick question.I just loaded up an instance of GA1 for a project choose not to create an assign Instrument channel. I then fed it into my midi drum channel.the midi meter shows it’s receiving the signal .The led light is flashing in the GA1 panel, showing it’s also receiving the signal but no sound.Anyone has an answer for this?.I’ve done this numerous times never seen this before.

and the rest of your routing - esp. the audio routing?

…Sorry that’s an area I need to brush up on in Cubase my “audio routing” :blush: . But I also have two instances of Halion Sonic in C7 loaded and they are playing no problems Why is GA1 acting up?..


Are you sure you’ve loaded up some samples - Are you sure that the output is going somewhere - have you turned of the monitor so that you can’t hear it, this is in control room.

Hi Buckshead,I’ve been doing this for a long time I’ve never seen this before. I actually have two instances of Halion Sonic SE also loaded in the project without any problems,so I’m kind of wondering whats going on with GA1.with this,but I’ll take your advice and check those things you might be something simple I overlooked.
Thanks again.