Groove Agent will not record. Please walk me through!


When I try to record with Groove Agent, nothing is recorded. Sound comes out when I hit the loaded sample key, but nothing is recorded on the on the track and when i stop recording, the entire track color disappears. It’s as if nothing ever recorded.

Can Some kind soul please walk me through the process of getting this to work?

Do I need a midi track or just an instrument track?

Can somebody please help me?

MIDI or Instrument track should work. The problem is (most likely) that GA is not sending MIDI back to the trackfor writing. The order is that the track sends MIDI to the instrument then the instrument ourputs the audio. Clicking on the pads in GA is AFTER the MIDI track in the chain. Use a controller or the keyboard to send notes to the MIDI track.
The other possibility is rthe track is not armed for recording…
At the moment, I can’t say if GA can write MIDI to the track from the GUI.


Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. That worked. Thank you!!!

which solution worked? using a controller or it was not armed for recording?

This is a very old thread but I spent the last 2 hours trying to figure this out so I thought I would reply with my solution to as many threads as I can.

There are 3 things you need to look at to get Grove Agent to record on to a track:

  1. Drag the drum kit you want from the Grove Agent list to the editing area and it will create a new track with the kit title. Drag it in between the tracks and a green line will appear.
  2. Make sure in and outs are mapped properly (click on the track and then at the top of the options on the left there is input and output). Select the Grove Agent Midi for the input and 1. Grove Agent for the output. Without this you will be able to hear and play the kit but nothing will record because the midi isn’t going through properly.
  3. Just below step 2 there is a place to map the midi drums. Select “Create drum map from instrument” (just below the title).

Now you have the new drum kit routed and mapped properly. Arm record on the track, record and start playing the kit and you will see the midi inputs filling in your track. Stop and it saves it.

I hope this helps someone like me just getting started.

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