groove agent

is it possible to make all pads working with a single note ?
if i want to layer a few sounds all together on C3 for example


you can layer 8 sounds max on a single pad.

drag all the sound on the pad and choose the top option when hovering the pad (the one with “+”), then on the “edit” page, in the “main” page choose “layer” instead of “velocity” and voila !

Thanks !

Yes, and keep in mind it only works in the Beat Agent and not in the Acoustic or Percussion Agent!

i used this option but it’s not exactly what i ment , unless i understood incorrectly . i do have one note with various layers but if i want to change their volume pan or what ever , it change to the whole pad . is it possible to do it separately ?

yes you can, there is a “sel/pad” thing to click. if set to PAD any change will affect all the layers, if SEL is set then any changes only affect the layer selected.

that’s nice but it separate the layers into velocity sections , therefore i can’t use multiple layers or am I doing it incorrectly ?

read my 1st answer to you, the answer was given in that 1st post bro

it’s not i didn’t read your messsage , its just didn’t work out for me , probably missed something , retard me , i’ll try again
thanks for your time and answer !

I wasn’t not judging you, just instead of retyping a message I sent you to the first one (where I guided you from having multiple samples as velocities OR layers)

If you have any questions I can help…

got it ! thanks again :slight_smile: all good , i’m producing multiple productions simultaneously , so sometimes my focus isn’t in the right place.
is it possible to make the layer mode default ?

sadly no, i would i’ve like that option too though.