Groove agent

1.Is it possible to change at groove agent in the slice mode each slice pitch ? Is possible to use complex mode on slices ?
Currently I use groove agent Se and I do not see this option . But if the full version has it , it might worth the purchase .

  1. Is it possible to run a midi sequence through groove agent , let’s say of kick 4/4 for an example , And to switch sounds in real time ? Like in battery if you are familiar with .


I am not sure about the answers to your questions but there is a demo you could try.

There are various ways to work with GA, including the one’s that you’ve mentioned. GA4 (full version) is extremely versatile. You should dl the trial and check out Steinberg’s YT channel GA4 videos.

Here’s on of my favorite independent GA4 vids…
Cubase Drum Handling

If you’d like more precise info, you could contact Greg Ondo @ Steinberg

How do I contact Greg ? Any email ?