Groove Agents plays wrong pattern

Hi guys, I am new here and new in Cubase and Groove Agent. Now, I have a problem by using Goove Agent SE and Groove Agent 5 in Cubase 9.5 and 10 as well.
The problem shows in following scenario: I load a preset into the Groove Agnet, in this case “Love like yours” (but it does not matter which preset, this is only the example). If I trigger a pattern, in this case “Main one”, then the pattern is played as it has been programmed. So far so good.
But as soon as I pull it over into a track (it does not matter, whether it is in Cubase 9.5 or 10) some additional instruments are going to be played, too, as soon the track is be played in Cubase. In this case there is played the cymbal, additional to the original pattern, thought it is not in the pattern in the Groove Agents itself.
In case of the fact, that it happens in both Groove Agents (SE and Groove Agent 5), I assume, that there must be an operation error from my side or a wrong setting in Cubase, which I do not know or which I am not able to recognize.

Is there anybody, who can write something about this strange thing or better, has somebody a solution for me to solve my problem?

Many thanks for your kindly help.

And sorry for my english grammar. It is long time ago, that I had to write in english language. :laughing:

this might help…

from GA 5 online manual:
Using Different MIDI Channels/Ports for Instrument Pads and Pattern Pads
By default, instrument and pattern pads share the same MIDI port. If instrument and pattern pads are both assigned and share the same trigger note, the pattern pad always gets priority, therefore, instrument pads that use the same trigger note as a pattern pad cannot be played via the same MIDI port.
In this case, you have two options: You can set up a different MIDI port or a different MIDI channel for the pattern pads.

–> You will find these options below the Pattern pads

Thanks for answering. I will try out and give Feedback. Thats the problem for me, cause I am not really a well speakting and understanding person in english language. And the german Usermanual is still not ready. So I hope, I understood it right, what you have written.

Here we go --> in deutsch



By the way: That is interesting. The support told me on the phone, that there would not exist a german langauage manual for Groove Agent 5, yet. Thats why I did not longer search. Hmmmm, seems to me, that that person has not really knowledge about the actual status of the manuals.
However. I will download it now. That will help a lot :wink: