Groove Quantise Presets XML.

Hey guys , Does anyone know where the location is of the groove quantise Presets are kept?

IVe look long & hard & cant seem to find an XML ties to groove quantise ( I have imported tons of groove quantise presets, & wish to ::

A) Back them Up
B) Import in a Cubase Update

Were talking on version 6.5 & into 7.5 ( importing the xml date so that the presets appear in the drop down qunatise tab, in the Quantise Panel.

many thanks

Steinberg!! : Manangement of the App data & presets handling etc… is getting right out of hand. Please think of a back up system that is appropriate for the complexity of the program. ESP when upgrading/updating, to take/ presets of VARIOUS factors (vst 3/Midi Loops/ Media bay / Groove / Projects/ Midi Projects/ Track Presets/ Halion 5 vst3preset/ ooft this list is gonna be long!)

… Make it easy for ALL facets of the program to be more easily backup/restored thru various versions please. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

They are saved in RAMPresets.xml. The “List of settings files and their purpose” is at

Thanks Steve, I didnt fancy opeing any xmls ^ Scanning & then trying to nick code… Hope Steinebrg address this overly painful back/restore system! cheers m8!