Groove Quantize with .GRV files?

Hi everyone,

I asked this on the Sonar thread but it might have been a wrong place. So…

As a (soon–to–become–former) Sonar user I have used .grv format files for Groove Quantizing – some Sonar’s own, but a lot of them purchased separately, with (to my ears) nice and groovy results, especially with midi drums. This is something I’d like to continue with Cubase Pro, but how?

About ten years ago I used for a moment a (even then old) version of Cubase that came with a E-MU soundcard, and I seem to remember the .grv files worked there. Don’t seem to find a way with Pro 9.5.1. Any pointers?




I’m sorry, I don’t know if Cubase can use .grv files. But in any case you can make your own quantise setup, what is similar and should fit to your use case.

To make a user quantised setup just drag an stop any MIDI Port or even Audio Part to the Quantize panel. A new quantise setup is displayed and you can store it as a preset.

Thanks for the kind answer, Martin.
I guess I could circumvent the problem by using my .grv files in Sonar to create midi (or audio) files to then drag and drop into the Cubase Quantize panel, but that would mean a lot of extra work, so I wondered if there might be a shortcut.

Could you share one of the GRV file, please?

I wonder if grv files are just 1 note midi files.
But that could be easily tested, by renaming a something.grv file to something.mid file.

This is exactly my goal, what kind of file is it in fact.

Okay, here goes:

.grv files can include several different grooves in a same file. (Sonar’s Groove Quantize window has a drop-down menu for them.) This one, I think, has only one.