Groove quantizing one"LONG" take to another

Hey everyone,
Just seeing if anyone else does this when tracking drums. I have started to do it in a 2 step process for more mix control. I track the first drum take with real cymbals and V-drums kit so I get no Kick,snare or toms in the Crash mics. Next I reverse it where I set up the real Kick,snare and toms with cymbals pads so I get no cymbal bleed into my close mics. What I want to do is make a groove quantize of the first take and then apply to the second so they line up. What is the longest amount of bars that Cubase can capture in the “create groove” section of the audio file. A song can be up to 200 bars. I dont want to have to take each section and make it in its own groove template. A One step process would be great. Anyone from steinberg have any solutions ?

Thanks - Ariel