"Groove Track" and "Bass Track"

I think Steinberg should expand on the Chord Track paradigm with a Groove Track that allows for building grooves from GA pattern pads/blocks, while still allowing for automation, etc. It would be great if each block could have characteristics that could be set like ride cymbal, open/closed hats, end with fill, more complex than previous block, etc.)

Triggering the patterns\and quickly auditioning GA4 patterns in the context of a playing track from MIDI notes in a MIDI track is a bit cumbersome.

A “Groove Track” would nicely compliment the Chord Track.

Additionally, it would be great to have a “Bass Track” that could follow the chord track, but be locked into the kick drum pattern with capability of adding extra 8th, 16th, triplets, etc.

+1 I made a similar request. It would expand the popularity of the chord track for sure. They should take a look at BIAB. I love that program but in many ways it is not professional. It’s all 16 bit audio and with no plans to up it.