Groove tutorial for SL3 helpful at all for learning SL6?

I saw a really inexpensive tutorial at Groove3 on SL3. So it might be a bit dated. Would it be worth the $8 to get this older tutorial to help explain some features of SL6?

Thanks for the comments or other links to more recent tutorials.


Yes, it explains all the basics and helps to understand why this is so powerful. Until something newer arrives, it’s as good as you’re likely to find.

thanks! Actually I was looking back through some older backups, and there is was! Been years since I watched it, but I will unzip this weekend, and see what I can pick up. As I remember, it was very basic, but did cover casting and molding fairly well. I do think Groove 3 has it on sale for around $8 through the month of July if anyone else is interested.