GrooveAgent MIDI files in browser

supposedly you can use groove agents browser to find midi files to trigger agents, and drag them to pads. When I use the browser in groove agent, I can find audio files, but folders of midi files show up no data or blank. I thought maybe I had some filter affecting it, but nothing I can see. Anyone know why this is?

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Hi Andy.

This is meant for generic midi files, not the midi loops or patterns that come with Cubase or GA.

If you do have some midi files but they are not showing, check the properties of your folders.

I just tried and you’re right. Some folders showed no data until I unchecked the read only attributes for that folder.

thanks misohoza
your reply may cover this as well, but for clarification… the allen morgan folder has a folder that says midi loops, but of course as stated earlier it currently shows no data. if that’s a folder whos properties can be unchecked, do you know where to find it in the file system?

Also just for the record I have to say as an observation, I find it rather odd that steinberg would create a new feature in groove agent, “the ability to browse for midi files” and not put at least a handful of demonstration midi files there to try. Again I’m not going to say it’s a complaint because there are too many fantastic things about every product I get from steinberg for me to have complaints. Still to me it’s a little like getting a new car without the tires, I don’t expect the finest custom tires on the stock model I’m buying, but… no tires at all,? How do I get it off the lot, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, i bought GA4, and also EZdrummer … the latter is so much easier if you need to work fast LoL. F