GrooveAgent SE 5 pre-listen

I am using Cubase 12.0.70 pro with GrooveAgent SE5.
In the load panel, when I select a sample using the Instruments tab , it does not load / pre-listen.
If I select the same sample through media bay, it loads and plays properly. Also, if I drag the same sample onto a pad in GrooveAgent, it plays on the pad.
If I use the GA browser to select an audio sample it works as expected.
Any help / advice is appreciated.

This is sorted out now with everything working properly. It’s apparently a bug in Grooveagent, which is fixed by finding and loading an old project where the GrooveAgent pre-listen is working. I duplicated then removed the track and Quit Cubase. On re-load everything was then fine.
This is covered in an excellent utube video by OneManandHis Guitar.