Ground Loop Hum from output 6

Hi forum

I have a really weird problem with my MR816 and wondering if anyone has any idea why this would be happening.

I am getting a ground loop hum but only from input 6, meaning when I turn down the fader for input 6 in the MR editor the hum goes away and also when I pan this input in the MR editor the hum also pans accordingly. The thing is there is nothing connected to this output! Also the other weird thing is when I flick the phase switch the hum goes away. So why would this be happening?

polarity flip fixes it?. I suspect crap cable or loose physical connection within unit.
We need to know more, though.

1)Is anything plugged in to the channel?
2)Does having anything plugged in change anything?
3)Are you flipping phase on the unit, on the unit’s matrix software, or in Cubase?