Group all channels while keeping inner routings?

Hey everyone,

I asked this question some time ago, my goad is to create a channel which is preceding the Stereo Out channel, so I can add some effects on this channel and then send it to Stereo Out afterwards. I want to do it to create an effect similar to a Tape Stop effect on the whole track except for a few channels that won’t go through this effect.

Some members here advised me to just select all channels, right click and group them to a new group.

But the thing is that in my current project (which is very big and consist of tons of channels), many channels are already routed to some groups, and some groups are routed to other groups, etc…

If I just select everything, right click, and add them to a group, the inner routing will be destroyed.
Is there a way to somehow route all channels to a new channel (instead of Stereo Out), while still keeping the inner routings between some of the channels?

Thanks in advance

Two approaches come to mind. If you are on Pro then you can use Direct Routing in Summing Mode. This lets you route a Channel to multiple destinations (8 max I think). The other method would be to use Sends to route the Channel to an additional destination. Also you can route your existing Group Channels to the new Group Channel which depending on what is feeding the initial Groups may or may not fit your needs.

Hey Raino thanks for reaching out.

I tried now your method with the Summing Mode but maybe I did it wrong? I created an FX channel and routed everything to it with summing mode, but then the signal is split, so if I run an effect on that FX channel it will affect everything only partially, right?

The other method of going manually and re-routing the groups and individual channels, I guess it’s just me but that ruined my track twice so I was hoping for an easier solution…
Also in Cubase you can’t undo routing, it will leave your routing blank

Thanks a lot in advance

In this example the Channel on the left is in Summing Mode and it is simultaneously being routed to 2 Group Channels “Voc Ld” and “Solos” while the Channel on the right is not in Summing Mode and can only be routed to one destination at a time.


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Thanks, alright this I understand, but what’s good with sending all channels to an additional bus (in summing mode) if it just splits the signal? What I’m looking for is to create one channel that will control the whole signal, like Stereo Out does now

Or did I miss something? Thank you very much

Sorry it sounded like you wanted Channels going to different places.

  1. Create a new Group Channel named for example Mix
  2. Route the Output of Mix to Stereo Out
  3. For all the Channels which are currently routed to Stereo Out change their routing to Mix
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Thanks yes that’s what I’m doing now

I just can’t understand how Cubase manages to make every simple task into something so complex…in Ableton Live you press ctrl+g and you’re good to go

Thank you very much for your help

Cubase just changes the order that you have to use…

In Ableton you can “CTRL+G” the groups and tracks but you have to select the groups and tracks before you do so… and then you have to change the routing afterwards…
since tracks with custom routing don’t get routed automatically… :wink: yes, simple, but doesn’t work either, in your case :face_with_monocle:

In Cubase you should add a group track/channel first and then you can send/route all signals you need there, by selecting all sources, activate Q-Link, and do your routing on one of the selected tracks/channels.
And you can route the signals to up to 8 destinations… and still have 8 sends available…

Hello thank you very you’re right I’m trying to get used to it(:

You can also select Multiple Channels and right+click to get a menu of choices.

the problem in his case was that the routing will change completely and that was not wanted in this case… so he has to use the other direction…

At this point I’m not quite sure what he wants to change and what shouldn’t change. I figure - here’s a screwdriver and a hammer, sort out what’s gonna work where for you under the circumstances

Thanks again guys! I appreciate your help

In my case I must go through the channels and manually change the routing, I see that there’s no other way, but I did lean the lesson from this, to create a group for this in my project template, and be mindful of all the routing during the projects