Group and FX Track Freeze

Freezing whole Groups and FX tracks would be awesome!

+1 times a million


There are a lot of issues with this request.

If you freeze a group, the only way to do it is to freeze each track within that group individually - that way any sends on tracks within the group will still work.

So basically a group freeze is simply a subset of batch freezing tracks all in one go - which I’d love to see.

To freeze an FX track would mean freezing every track that sends to the FX. If you don’t do it this way your mix can get out of sync. For example a track with modulation that is free running and not tempo locked will be sending a completely different signal to the FX every time you playback.

This I feel makes it’s usefulness in general more limited - yes you can free up resources involved in the FX on that send, but you then loose the ability to adjust anything on the tracks that send to that FX. Saying that I’m a music guy and it may be particularly useful for sound effect designers for example.

Ultimately though a batch freeze function would cover both of these scenarios and everybody would be happy :slight_smile:

These are some interesting and valid points. I know from my mixing workflow, though that these would generally not be issues.

If I have minimal processing on a per-channel basis on each track going through a group, but tons of buss processing, I wouldn’t necessarily need to freeze each individual track in order to reclaim a meaningful amount of resources, even if there are sends coming from those individual tracks. Yes, any changes made to those tracks past this point would not be reflected in the group processing, but I would know that and be able to compensate for it if need be. I would also know that before I froze the group, and could account for my personal level of certainty about what I’m feeding that group.

Same goes for FX. There are loads of situations in which I’m sending signals that have completely linear processing on them that would not cause any issues in an FX chain. But if that wasn’t the case, again I would know that and be able to make whatever choices best suited my own particular situation.

Just another opinion on the matter.

soo needed!


I’m just beginning to try the Constrain Delay Compensation button at the bottom left of the tracking screen (looks like a clock with () around it). I’m getting VST latency using guitar amps. But, it seems like turning the button on will eliminate latency for a while then, the button has to be clicked off then back on when latency appears again. I’m not sure yet what causes the latency to come back. I haven’t researched about this button either. Perhaps it may helps some folks. It might be an even simpler approach than selecting which group/FX tracks to freeze. However, I would still like ability to freeze group/FX tracks.