Group Channel as Sends

Hi I have a question about group channel / sends :

Here is an example (watch the screenshot) where I do have some plugins on the insert of my audio track, and sends. I wanted to know if the sends are after the inserts, and what is the difference if I put the sends on the post fader side (in the example are they pre-fader ?). In this case, does the group channel fonctions are the same way as a FX channel when I send to my audio track ?



The sends are after insert effects (except for the last 2, which are post fader).

If the send is post fader and you turn down the fader, the amount of the signal will be turned down as well.
If pre fader, the send amount is independent from the channel fader.

ok thanks. No difference in this case between FX channel and Group channel ?

Just to clarify for loungeclaus - the post fader sends are post insert as well.

FX Channels and groups/busses are essentially the same.

by the way,

Is it possible to save as preset the sends ? like a track preset

No I dont think so - People are likely to have their sends in different configurations for different projects.

You’ve discovered a little visual bug there. You’ve got the strip highlighted on the left but it’s showing the inserts. I couldn’t work out what I was looking at initially. I can replicate it, happens when you’re clicking between the strip pre/post fader tab.

btw be aware you’ve got your multiband post fader in that setup.

indeed, a small bug to repair for Steinberg