Group channel mute confusion

I have six tracks routed to a group drum channel.

I have one or two of the drum tracks muted at track level.

I mute the drum group track, all of the drum tracks mute; I can live with that.

I un-mute the drum group and all of the drum tracks un-mute, including the ones I previously had muted.


Not what I wanted.


Can I fix it?

Thanks in advance!


If you dont wanna listen these tracks then why you group them?You can mute the event if you dont wanna listen thoose tracks.


It’s a drum buss. I should be able to mute a bus/group with sub-mutes and still have them retained, surely?

I use mutes live and while working on a mix to quickly check stuff. Having CP8 do this messes up my workflow. I just don’t understand why it does it

Its an issue, and the behaviour needs improving…

Ok now i got it.
Yes you are right there could be a option like solo defeat.Pressing (i think) alt+ctrl plus solo button it will defeat the channel when you press solo on another track.
So pressing alt+ctrl and mute it will defeat the mute state.
You should post this to “Feature Requests and Suggestions”.

I agree - this needs fixing… you can’t mute a group channel without losing the mute states of individual channels? This is definitely a problem… I just ran across it while mixing with a client tonight. Very frustrating.

I just noticed this today. I have a load of tracks sent to an “All” group, some muted, and when I mute and unmute the “All” track, all of the muted tracks are now unmuted!
This is crazy, I’m scared to use group channels now…

AFAICS, the issue can be solved by unticking this one :

Preferences > VST > Group Channels : Mute Sources as well