Group Channels: Mutes Source as well

Hello all

In preferences, I have selected the box “Group Channels Mute Sources as well” (Preference>VST).

When I directly Mute a group, the corresponding channels to the group do mute. This works well.
BUT if I automate a Group to Mute, the Group mutes but the channels do not mute. The same happens if I use a hardware controler to mute a Group, it does not mute corresponding channels.

Is there a setting to make an automated Group Mute to also mute the corresponding Channels? Thanks.

Nuendo is Great.

You my friend have tapped into a very sore spot for Steinberg. Fredo and the rest of the gang will not address your concerns. They are real and you are not the only one who experiences this. It is well documented.
Unfortunately there is no hope in site regarding the problem. I am also pretty sure it won’t ever be fixed so just move on with your life and forget about it.

Very best to you.


Thanks for the reply. I assumed as much. Needed to verify it was the case so I could begin to forget about it as you said. I design my entire mix setup around the fact that the group mutes don’t mute the corresponding channels, which adds work and limits possibilities. None the less, Nuendo is the greatest of all.


Hi guys,
three years later, I’m also looking for a solution to this problem. Nothing has changed ? This is VERY annoying when automating mutes via a hardware controller. What is so complicated about this ?