Group Edit?

I have to be honest. I thought Group Edits were going to be a bit different. What I thought I would be able to do is assign all selected volume knobs to a group, or pans, or global. But, those groups would be independent and selectable in a list. So I can associate the volume for a track to be in one group and the pan to be in a different group associated with a different set of tracks.

What I see in the manual and from watching the video isn’t much different than current group edit functionality. In some ways it looks like a step backwards because you need to create the folder and move stuff into it. This means two things 1) can’t have the same track associated with multiple groups. 2) I can’t split parameters among groups

Am I reading this wrong? In what way is this easier than marquee selecting some items and grouping them for edit like before? All of the edits demonstrated in the video work exactly like I would do those steps now, only I don’t need a folder. What am I missing?

What I can’t tell from the manual is if I can add a single track to multiple Edit group folders. If I can then disregard, as that would totally fix my mental hiccup.

I’m similarly confused by this new feature. There is one obvious improvement there from a workflow aspect, you can create and “push” all selected tracks into a folder all at once in one step, better than “Create Folder Track and Drag Tracks Into It” steps, so that’s good… a reduction in user steps is always good.

What I don’t yet get is how this is any different from editing on folder tracks in v5 now? There must be something there I’m missing…

That’s my point. It looks no different in the demonstration than the group/folder editing we have now. When they used the term “Edit Groups” I jumped to conclusions. So, I’m trying to unjump. But, the video and manual shed no light on the subject.


Glad I’m not the only one.

The new feature allows inverse editing of multitrack parts, that is when the group edit button is disabled you can freely edit tracks as if they weren’t inside the folder, ie transparent audio editing.

I can do that now with a group/ungroup toggle.

EDIT: And if it is inside the folder, just edit the item and not the folder.

I think you can do that now with tracks in a folder - ungrouped tracks in a folder - by editing directly on the track? Editing the folder track edits the group, editing the track edits the track.

I also wonder why the events are not showing on / through the folder track blocks like it does in 5? I always liked that feature as it allowed editing with a fully closed folder since you could still see the various child event blocks.

They don’t seem to be there anymore? I can only assume you can still turn that on somehow, to see the child event blocks on the folder track.

That is only in relation to parts, this is full group editing based on tracks.

One can only imagine the future possibilities this feature will allow.

Thanks to Steinberg for thinking about this, after being on a tight budget for so long on Studio maybe I will become a Cubase user once again.

-1 for child events.

I personally would rather nothing there at all bar a line across the page as with VST outputs etc

Folder grouping worked on the track. Seriously, there is nothing in the manual or the video that you can’t do right now. At least on the surface.

And “coming up with it” ? almost every other major DAW has some sort of group editor that still is ahead of where this is (unless of course I’m missing something)?

Ok, that makes a little sense I guess. I use the edit cursor now, when you use the split tool it covers the entire vertical range so you can split the folder track based on any point on any track using the cursor.

Select tracks > right click and make a new folder track, and move the tracks into the folder in one “move”.

Better, yes, for sure.

Then select the group edit icon and off you go (much easier than before). In addition you don’t need to group the events themself, but the tracks are grouped. Only one button to toggle for grouping on/off. Nice > :slight_smile:

This is partly where I get confused. Editing on the folder track now in 5 (again, with the vertical edit cursor from the split tool as an editing reference to any track in the project, the edit point) I don’t have to click anything to start doing that nor do I have to group or ungroup anything. The folder event makes a temporary group when you move it or size it or whatever.

Maybe I’ll understand it much better after the demo, no biggie. I still wonder about the event blocks on the folder track though, nobody else liked those in 3-4-5?

Thanks guys, nice update Steiny.

As bredo said, the sytem is more streamlined and simplified.

Kudos Steinberg

I guess I’ll have to play with it. Because it doesn’t look streamlined to me. I group edit without folders like crazy right now. marque, group … edit, ungroup continue. It’s easy and fast. Unless I can group them in multiple folders I see no advantage.

I’m not talking drum editing by the way. I get that part of the demo and manual.

Ok guys, I’ll stop asking about the (apparently) missing folder blocks since nobody seems to want to comment on it. I like them and I hope they’re still there as an option. I hope they aren’t gone.

My intent with the questions was not to “rag” on Steiny, on the contrary, I’ve offered some well deserved high praise for some stuff in C6… I was just trying to understand some things I don’t yet understand that’s all guys.

Have a pleasant evening all. I’ll wait for the demo and answer those questions for myself.

It would seem that as of 5.5 all tracks had something of a makeover, in that they all conformed to the same default height, ie pre-defined increments.

As good as I think that is personally there is no detail on minimized parts, not even a basic line to say where data is so until that is addressed I am doubtful you will have any substantial detail available in folders or other higher level views.

Well, it’s actually an option / preference now, it’s still there, I found it in the manual. They just had it turned off in the video demo I guess so … that’s good. That is a handy feature… especially for arranging midi parts from closed folders. Good… cool.

Question answered. P.S. I actually never looked (never thought about turning it off) but was it always optional? Maybe it was…


So now I want a preference to remove the folder part altogether and just leave the folder or some line like VST connections, hint multi-output VST.