Group editing / comping still fails in 9.5

Group editing (compiling / editing multiple takes on multiple tracks in a folder at the same time when the ‘Group Edit’ button is enabled) still fails randomly. Once the lanes lose sync with each other it is impossible to regain it, which defeats the entire point of having the feature. It’s frustrating because when it fails halfway through a big session where you have already started using it, it leaves you with a complete mess :-/. This has been a bug since group editing was introduced several versions ago and I’m surprised it still hasn’t been addressed by 9.5. It seemed more stable in 9.0 but that might just be my imagination - it seems to be impossible to predict what will make it fail.

Just to confirm, I’m using it to compile takes from multiple mics on different tracks, all recorded exactly in sync and with no editing prior to clicking the ‘Group Editing’ button (so no ‘tracks are not in sync’ warning after clicking on the Group Edit button). I’ve read in the forums that there can be bugs when using the comp tool to drag a range, but I don’t do this - I just use the split tool (usually over the master take at the top of a track to split all takes at the same point) and the comp tool to select the takes I want. I’ll often drag boundaries of the chosen take and use ‘ctrl+alt’ time shift drag, but these are basic editing features (which work fine until group editing fails) and I don’t see why they should break the group editing feature.

I’d be grateful if anyone could shine a light on possible work-arounds (other than don’t use this feature - I know how to group blocks and it’s a pain in the **s when dealing with lots of takes on lots of tracks). Have Steinberg acknowledged that the feature doesn’t work properly? Are there any plans to fix it?



I have never had problems with the Group Editing/comping… When splitting sections with the Split Tool that is… Hmmm?

The Comp Tool drag/split selection operation is the only bug in the Group editing system I know of… used it since first implemented, and reported the problem within a couple of days. Never fixed :frowning:

Knowing the Group Editing Comp Tool drag bug, I have only used it with success since implemented… But has of course done my share of “pilot errors” (but never try to figure this out in fron of your clients).

I always start my Group Recording with the Group editing button ON… I don’t ever slip drag (ctrl+alt drag) a single lane (it will get it out of sync).

For drums or larger multi-mic recordings I tend to use the Track Versions… While I prefer the Lanes method when working with up to 3-4 mics on one a single sound source, like a guitar cab, bass etc.

Remember that you also can convert between (back and forth) between Lanes and Track Versions.

With the Track Versions it is also much easier to clean up after doing your final selections/comping (along the lines of “Remove all Un-active Track Versions” - within the Track Version Menu).

Good luck

Hi Carvin, thanks for your input. I guess (hopefully) feedback from multiple users might help Steinberg get to the bottom of the problem if they ever decide to try and fix it. I can’t see how it would have been difficult for them to have bug checked it on day one though…

I’ve always been aware that using the drag comp tool breaks group editing so I never use it, just the split tool. On simpler sessions that just involve making splits and selecting takes it usually works okay for me. A lot of my work involves more complex dragging around of parts on lanes and copy / pasting though, and this is where it eventually breaks down, usually after a lot of effort has already been put in… It’s tempting to say ‘avoid doing this kind of thing’, but it can be essential in for instance drum takes, where the drummer might be playing slightly ahead of the beat on one take and behind on another, or sustained instruments where you get jitters between notes if takes aren’t lined up correctly. Also you’d think (so long as the tracks are always kept in sync and group editing is enabled from the start, like you said), something that worked fine most of the time should work fine all of the time, but it seems impossible to predict when or how it will break. I have noticed that deleting blocks can trigger problems sometimes…

Thanks for your advice about track versions - I’ve never looked into that, and will, but it seems a compromise when the group editing feature - if it worked properly - would give me the exact functionality and flexibility I need. Posts about failure of the group editing feature seem to get a lot of views and a few responses so I hope Steinberg (after about a decade) will start from scratch with the feature and try to get it working as advertised.