Group editing error: "The tracks in this folder are not completely in sync."

Cubase 11 has been giving me an utterly nonsensical error when I try to use group editing. In this particular case, I have multitrack drums that I am trying to comp. I will have my two full drum takes on lanes 1 and 2 of all the tracks, respectively. I made 100% sure that each take is exactly the same length, starting position, and lane across all of my tracks. However, I get the error message “The tracks in this folder are not completely in sync. Group editing could fail!” if the two takes start on the same bar. If I move one take so it’s a bar earlier or later, I don’t get this message and group editing works as it should.

The problem with this whole thing is that it’s completely inconsistent. It’s like it just decides that “the tracks are not in sync” completely on a whim. I can add all new tracks in the project and move the audio over to them and suddenly it stops doing it. Then after 10 minutes of editing with it, suddenly it thinks they’re out of sync again.

What in the actual hell is the meaning of this? Cubase is obviously not handling grouping properly when there are multiple takes. And yes, I do have lanes expanded on all of the tracks in the folder. And I don’t have a wrong lane up front or anything like that.

Is it possibly the issue where “snap to zero crossing” creates very slightly uneven lengths? Described in a number of threads, for example:

Nah, I always make sure zero crossing is off, since I have encountered that annoying problem once or twice lol. I even made sure to set the tempo definitions of all the clips to the project tempo, in case for some reason they were getting time stretched or something. It’s all just very inconsistent. I can sometimes save the project while getting the error message any time I click the group edit icon, and then when I re-open the project, it stops doing it for a bit.

I would say that it’s just a minor annoyance, but on a previous project it did actually lead to things getting almost irrevocably screwed up, where I did some slip edits that apparently didn’t move all the tracks, so my snare for instance was out of time with the rest of the drum tracks. I had to go through the entire performance and manually correct the position of some of the snare hits. I really can’t have that kind of possibility hovering around while I work on things.

I agree that group editing is not working as it should. I have noticed that to maintain the sync edit]ting on the tracks can only be done when all of the tracks in the group are unfolded. If not, the tracks will lose sync when you do a single edit. Unfolding all tracks to do the edits is a major stopper for the workflow:

  • it takes a lot of time to open all lanes for a drum recording with say 12 tracks. Each track has to be unfolded individually.
  • it clutters the work space (Again for instance drum recording with 12 tracks and for instance 5 or 6 takes (lanes)
    My request would be that group editing can be done on any of the fracks in group and that the whole group states in sync no matter whether the lanes are opened or not.