Group faders not visible in mixconsole (Cubase Pro 11, Win10)

I can create a group in the project or the mixconsole window or as a bus in the i/o panel.
I can assign tracks/channels to it and insert effects on the group and hear it BUT I cannot find a way to see the group fader in the mixconsole. All channels are visible and it is not even listed in the channel visibility panel. The group track does exit and works in the project window. Both windows are in sync mode but the group fader never appears. What am I missing here?

Can it be related to the fact that I use the Control Room?

Did you try the Filter Channel Types button in the mixer window?

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: So dumb of me… I did it so many times before… And yet… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I was presssing a bit to the left (exactly where your arrow points) and choosing Show All Channels instead of selecting the filter menu. Of course now it works. Thank you so much Nico! This was driving me crazy for some reason… Too much indoor time I guess :wink:

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haha - too much indoor time indeed! :rofl:
Glad you got it working! Happy music making!

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