group hairpins

Hi there,

Is there a way to enter group hairpins?

For example, can I select a number of staves and type in dynamics in a popover?
Or select a number of staves and press Shift+> to make a diminuendo on all of those staves?

thank you!

Not presently. But it’s fairly quick to either copy and paste a dynamic to multiple staves in one shot, or alt-click to duplicate a selected element to other places.

You can also use Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to Staff Below (to which you can assign a shortcut if you like), or you can select the dynamics after inputting them on the first staff, copy them to the clipboard, select all the destination staves where you want them to appear, then paste, which will do a “multi-paste” and add the dynamics to all of the selected staves.

Since I discovered Duplicate to Staff Below and assigned a keyboard shortcut to both that and Filter > All Dynamics, my workflow has accelerated quite considerably:

(1) Select the entire passage
(2) Filter > All Dynamics
(3) Duplicate to Staff Below repeatedly

I’m looking forward to the promised ‘Select More Like This’ feature (or whatever it ends up being called), which I hope will reduce steps 1 & 2 to a single step and make things even faster.

(Since I do a lot of choral work, I’ve also assigned a shortcut to Filter > Lyrics and it works like a dream.)

Right — Filter-Dynamics, Filter - Lyrics, and Filter - Slurs were my favorite custom Sibelius shortcuts.