Group Label as Staff Label

I want to put the Group Labels (Cornets I, Cornets II) where the Staff Labels are (Cornet in Bb)


Unfortunately that’s not possible at the present time.

If you change the full names of the instruments in the first player group from Cornet to Cornets I and the instruments in the second player group from Cornet to Cornets II, then the staff labels on the first system in the score look like this:

To hide the vertical player group labels, set the font size to 0.1pt in Library > Paragraph Styles > Player Group Labels. You will also need to rename the part layouts for the instruments in both player groups to delete the last letter in Cornets.


Hi John,
That’s a great solution, but a bit convoluted.
I managed to do this with Sections players and Divisi.
Is there any downside to doing it this way?


That you can’t have instrument changes with section players.


If you plan to have an individual part layout for each cornet player in the divisi, you will need to use manual staff visibility in each layout to hide all but one of the staves belonging to the appropriate section player.

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Great advice, thanks!