Group midi note events in key editor (Cubase Pro)

First: Please forgive me if I overlooked something!
Still new to Cubase Pro…

I want to group a selection of notes in the key editor (not Note editor). Is this possible?
I know this works in the project view and with audio-clips, but that’s not what I want.

The aim is simply to select a certain selection of notes inside the key editor and lock them / group them.
The shortcuts for grouping, which work in the project window, are greyed out here. So is this possible?
Or only the the note editor?

Thanks in advance :wink:


No, this is not possible in the Key Editor.

You can make a new MIDI event just with those MIDI Notes. Then it’s grouped.

Could you explain your use case, please?

While you can’t literally group Notes in the Key Editor you can set some characteristic the same for several notes and then use a Logical Editor Preset to select only notes with that characteristic. For example you could have different notes on different MIDI Channels and then select only notes on Channel 2. This won’t impact playback if you have the Track’s MIDI Channel set to anything except “Any” it will override the channel assigned to the note. Besides Channel you could use “Voice” or even “Text” if you don’t have lyrics. You’d want to pick some characteristic that that isn’t being used for a real purpose.

You could set up Key Commands to put all selected Notes into specific groups and also have Key Commands to select all notes assigned to Group X.

Thanks a lot, Martin

I guess then that’s the way to go.
I just wanted to lock a section of notes for making them movable laters.
I finally copied the selection into a new lane of the same instrument track - I guess that’s what you meant.
So then they are separated and can wait foer being moved or left over there.

Thank you raino,

that’s very interesting!
Seems a bit complicated for my purpose to do grouping on the fly, but I definitely will have a look at the logical editor laters, when I have my workflow saddle-fast. And I understand that this was only an example, the logical editor seems to be a very flexible, extensive helper from what I read so far.


Interesting idea… You could also use Note Off as an “identifier”. Most of the instruments don’t use the value effectively anyway. Then you get up to 128 “IDs” Then in the Logical Editor, it would be Value 3 (Off Velocity) > Equal > your ID number.

You could make it so you select some notes & hit a key that puts it Group A (or B, C, etc). Then you could have another key that selects all notes in group A - I’d use something like ctrl+key you used for assigning to a group.

Pretty simple to use after it’s setup.

Thanks guys! I had exact same question!