Group routing with VST instruments?

Hey guys, I’m not sure if it is possible, but is there a way to route a VST instrument to a group channel track or reroute the audio in general? I can do this if I create add a VST and assign a midi track to it but if I create a straight up vst instrument track I’m not seeing it. I ran into issues as well with Groove Agent and having to add the vst on its own to allow multiple stereo tracks. Just wondering as it would save time and make the all encompassed VST instruments more useful. Thanks!


Been messing with this and still can’t figure it out, hoping I’m just an idiot, and routing is somehow allowed. What would be the point of an all in one VST Instrument if you can’t route or group them?

Start with Page 252 on the PDF Operation Manual - it explains the differences between Instrument Tracks and vs VST Instrument Channels.
As far as routing, again that section in the manual will explain it far better and more complete than anyone here.
good luck.

Use the mixer…


Sometime the simplest thing…

[Nuendo 10]
I find a Folder Track is help organizationally as well as doing Mutes and Solos for all channels within.

If you have say Kontakt you can have multiple instruments in the one VST and have midi tracks separate. Then you can do multiple things to that like mute the one main VST track as it represents a group of instruments like Strings or different sections of a piece maybe too.

Clicking in an empty space within the mixer while multiple channels are selected pops up a menu with “Link Selected Channels”, You get a popup with an option to Name the LinkGroup and checkboxes for; Vol, Pan, EQ, Dynamics, Sends, Inserts, Mute/Solo/Listen, Automation Read/Write, Routing Selection, Record Enabled/Monitor. They appear at the top of the channel strips in the mixer and can be edited etc.

Alas it seems odd there is not a way to route the associated VSTs through a group so you can assign reverb or other inserts on them together. I am still looking for that.

When you create a VST you can assign it to a group then, but I struggle to see easily where you can edit that after the fact in this moment.

Oh okay if you select all the tracks and then in the mixer (or track view) right-click for the menu item “Add Group channel to Selected Channels” you will get yet another way to makes the group channel so they can share effects. There is also Add to FX channel and VCA as well.

BTW: it will great a Groups Channels Folder but I drag that into the Folder Track and then just delete the Groups Channel Folder.

There is also a section on the right with a VSTi TAB that shows more options with routing to active outputs etc. for all VST Instruments in one place (you can create them there too).

Note: if you use a VST without any MIDI on it it won’t mute since there is nothin to mute there, so put the midi data on the VST and maybe just copy the VST if you have other midi channels not observing the linkage for mutes but the Folder Track should in that case. (Anyway it may depend or your specifics.)