group select without catching time sigs

is there a trick to be able to select the notes in one lasso without selecting the time signatures
I want to manipulate or delete the notes without affecting the time sigs. (or key sigs or other system items).
2019-05-14 00_28_13.png

There is a very rich implementation of the filter in Dorico. You can access it through the Edit menu and through the context menu. You can use deselect instead of select, and time signatures. Or use select, and Notes (probably better suited to your needs).
Note that you can create a whole set of keyboard shortcuts and use them with a third party thing — I use Stream Deck with NoteExpress profile created by Pianoleo, it makes filtering a breeze…

Yes, I do like the filters, but when working in a score, it seems unintuitive to snag whole-system stuff when you are clearly selecting items for an individual instrument.