Group Track Editing

I have a group of tracks in a folder, and I’m editing them together.

  1. I double click the group and the Audio Part Editor opens. What I really want is for the Sample Editor to open. Is there a way to go straight to the Sample Editor?

  2. Once I’m in the Sample Editor, the top track in the group is displayed, but I actually want, e.g., the 6th track displayed. Is there a way to have this happen each time I open the Sample Editor without having to reorder my tracks in the Project Window?

  3. And finally, when I open a part in the Sample Editor, the Zoom level is at minimum, so I have to zoom in to the part. Is there a setting to retain the zoom setting each time I open the editor?


  1. Use the lower zone and eliminate clicking altogether.

  2. Still unknown, so just keep dragging whichever track you want to open to the top of the group folder.

  3. Looks like as long as the part is the active part (see #2), it will open with the last-selected zoom level.

Thanks, Flon, for your assistance. You’re the best!