Group Track Fader not muting tracks when turned down

Hi guys, I’m working on a song where I need all the instrument tracks to fade out leaving just the vocal tracks to carry on at normal volume. I thought the easiest way to achieve this would be to add all the instrument tracks to a group track and just automate the volume of that group track to fade out where I needed it to. However, when I drag the group track right down to the lowest point (- infinity symbol), the instruments all still play at an audible albeit lower level.

Of course I could manually automate each individual track without added them to a group but I’ve got about 30 tracks here and it would be hell to drag the volume automation down on all of them.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Sorry, worth mentioning I’m working in Cubase 7.5!

1.Do you route the outpu, or use a send? You need to route the output!
2.All sends sending from the individual tracks will of course not be influenced by lowering the group fader, unless the FX returns are routed to the group also.

Thanks so much svennilenni! You’re right, I was simply sending it and should have been routing the output to the bus. All sorted, you’ve saved me a lot of time, much appreciated!