Group track input from other group track (FR for mixing workflow)

Hello Cubasis team,

Here is a feature request that would improve the mixing workflow in my opinion:

Ability to select another group track as the output of a group track. At the moment, group tracks are only able to be routed to the stereo outputs.


I am shamelessly bumping this topic, since I would really like to know if the Cubasis team thinks that this would be doable in a future update. :wink:

It would benefit for example (my) typical workflow of first “subgrouping” for example multiple kicks, snares etc drum elements to their own group track and then finally sending these to the same group for some processing, as I like to do in Cubase Pro. I would suspect that many follow this type of workflow in the mixing stage.


I reworded the title of the topic in hopes that it will get more attention, since I hope this is an enhancement that is feasible to incorporate in a future Cubasis 3 update. Routing group tracks to further group tracks is possible in Cubase Pro and is an essential mixing workflow functionality.

How do other users feel?

That is indeed a good practice, to have at the end a number of big main groups that are fed from another smaller groups, for example MIX GT (all guitars) get signal from busses AC GT and EL GT. And so on.

Important reasons for more than one level of mixer group channels before the main output is that you can create subgroups that feed into further groups, and if you can feed groups into further groups, you can separate your main mix (“Mix Bus”) from the main stereo output channel. This will allow you to place mix bus processing onto the “Mix Bus” group channel, and route any reference tracks from their own channels directly to the main stereo output channel (allowing to bypass your mix bus processing).

For example

  • route multiple tracks of the same instrument to a subgroup (e.g. all kicks, all snares,…)
  • route subgroups to groups (e.g. Drums)
  • further route main groups e.g. “Drums” group, “Instruments” group, and “Bass” group to “Mix” or “Mix Bus” group
  • route reference tracks directly to main stereo output

Is this feature request considered for future updates?