Group track mute/solo behavior seems to have issue for 2nd track

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1. Summary/Title
group track mute/solo behavior seems to have an issue for 2nd track if unmuted

2. Description
With a group track ( panned center ) and 2 (or more) panned trackes routed to the group track, only one track seems to be played if the group track is soloed and the routed tracks muted and unmuted. The other track remains silent, regardless of its mute setting

3. Expected Results
Both tracks can be muted and unmuted and play through the (soloed ) group track

4. Actual Results
1 track is played ( e.g. left channel ) the other track remains silent.
With more tracks it seems, that all but 1 track remain silent ( didn’t try multiple combinations only 2 and 4 )

5. Environment
cubasis 3, ios 14.8