Group track not functioning

I am using Cubase 5, on Windows 7. I have created a Group track from the add track option and called it Vox group. I have then sent every vocal track to that Vox group track, by selecting that Vox group track above each vocal track output in the mixer. However, when I turn down the volume of the Vox group track in the mix, the vocals do not lower in volume, unless I solo the group track. What am I missing or doing wrong?

So in the tracks you went to the routing option at the top and changed this? Also do any of the vocal tracks have sends enabled? I don’t know about your version but they can be post or pre in my version 10.5 so if set to pre they would still output to the send (effects). even if you pulled the sliders down

Yes, all vocal tracks routed from STEREO OUT to VOX GROUP TRACK instead, at the top of each vocal channel in the mixer (F3).
Yes I do have the vocal tracks sending to FX tracks… How do I tell and change whether post/pre?

Not sure what your version does but put into google ‘cubase changing send pre to post fader’ and the first result shows you how to do it in Cubase 8. It may be the same in your version.

Thank you. I will try that…