Group track Volume Automation - Editing Multiple Tracks

I am not sure if this is a bug or the expected behaviour, but I cannot edit the automation of the Volume of Group tracks, on more than one track at once. Normally with an automation track, you can select say the volume or pan on more than one track, and then holding Cmd, you can edit using the smart controls and it will effect all selected tracks. However, this doesn’t’t work for the Volume automation of a group track, as it is not on an automation track, but on the main track. OF course, because of that, you cannot put the volume on a proper automation track.

So is this how it’s supposed to work, or is it an oversight by Steinberg for automation? Seems odd that it works for all other automation.

If Q-Link is On, and the Tracks are in Write Mode (R/W), Cubase will write Volume automation to all Tracks in the selected group. This works for any kind of track or combination of tracks.

Hi and thanks for your reply. However, I am referring to editing already added automation rather than writing.