Group Tracks having setting options or keeping original mute status on slave tracks

I found I am working with group tracks more and more especially for printing large amounts of stems through for the mix. The problem I find is, sometimes I mute slave tracks and when toggling the mute on/off on the group track, I lose the few mutes I had within the slave tracks. That is a huge problem and sometimes on larger sessions, I have to remember each track I had muted and re engage the mutes after the group track toggle wipes them. It would be ideal if the group tracks had settings available much like the VCA masters and link menu does, where you can tick boxes of what you want the group to control. In this, being able to turn off mutes would be great or even better if Group tracks can only temporarily suspend mutes but remember the mutes you had ON before you toggled. The more I use groups the more I find this shoots me in the foot on my larger sessions.

I just landed on this posting, and I agree with you 100%. I find that this muting behavior really prevents me from using group tracks.

The mute and solo logic has serious flaws and Steinberg just don’t seem to be interested in working it out.

Several times a day I’m forced to use the master mute and solo buttons to reset the system.

Try using folders alongside groups to see what a crazy mess you can make of the system!

I urge to see how good are the solo and mute general function in Studio one.

It is such an easy fix of a such stupid behaviour you press general solo and the all solo go out, you press it again (believing it would go to last solo settings) and does nothing.

Please, fix the absurdity that strongly reduce the working flaw