group tracks improvements

As we already have the cool option of moving all selected tracks into a new folder…i think it could be useful having the same otion but referred to a group! Very fast: select tracks – route every tracks to a new group! :smiley:

You can, you just select all the tracks you want, hold shift down and change the routing on one of the tracks, and they all go to whatever group you routed that one track to.

Not exactly what I mean: I’d like a function that create for me a new group and route all selected track into it :smiley:
Like folders.

I understand you, but… It’s not a huge time-saver anyways; You just could add like 6 audio channels and then route them just like Aevans said.

Not trying to diss you but it’s not as like you’d do group routings all the time; Merely you do them once per project and if you would like to add and route 6 audio channels the current way, it will take like 10 seconds longer that how you suggested it to be done.

Anyway, always good to read the improvement suggestions on this forum, but about grouping what I’d like to have is the actual possibility to group mixer entries on different tracks. Off-topic - I know - but we all should put a REAL pressure on Steinberg on developing decent Group Editing capabilities on Cubase so THAT’S what we should be writing about :wink:


Sorry but here it doesn’t work, only one track is routed, I’d be happy if it worked ! :frowning:

They already have this feature in version 7…
Select tacks - right click - create a new group channel and all selected channels will be sent to the new group.

that doesn’t work too here …is it a joke ?

Seriously this workflow works on your side ? (cubase 7.0.4 64bits + win 8 pro 64) :open_mouth: