Group vs FX track for mix bus

It seems that I can add a group track or an FX track and then route all tracks or groups to it and use it as a stereo mix bus which then routes to the stereo out bus.

Is there any difference between using an FX track or a group track? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each?


Pretty much no difference except color.
Ever since Cubase SX I’ve always said that we should have our effects rack back like we did in Cubase VST and effects RETURNS created for each effect added with the output of the effect hard-wired to the input of the return rather than inserted on a faux group. Every thing else about the FX track could remain the same including the ability to insert more items onto the return.
And for those of you who like to insert FX onto a group and use it as a return, you still can.

Here’s a lively debate on the topic.

OK. Thanks. Maybe ill just an FX track then, so it’s a different color to my other sub mix groups (drums, vocals etc.)