Grouped players with numbers

I’m sure this is an easy one.

I have a quadruple choir (SATB, SATB, SATB, SATB). I have to group the players together to get each choir in a separate bracket. However, when I do that, each group loses the instrument number (e.g. Soprano 1, 2, 3, 4.) Is there a way to have numbered players and separate brackets?

Also some UI requests: There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to Remove lots of players from a group in one go. If I right click on multiple selected players, that de-selects all but one. Similarly, Remove from Group isn’t in the Setup menu. Nor is Add Player to Group.

You can use the Edit Names dialog for each instrument to add the numbers.

Try dragging and dropping the instruments in and out of groups: it’s a bit quicker than using the context menus.

With 16 staves, I was hoping for something more automatic! :wink: But fair enough.