Grouping Midi Notes in Piano Roll?

Hi, folks. Cubase Sx5 user here. I want to know if there´s a way to group midi notes. Let´s say I program a tom roll by first drawing four notes. Then I press Ctrl + D to duplicate those four notes and put them next to the first ones. At that moment those duplicate notes are highlighted (great!), but after clicking anywhere they deselect, so I can´t easily (meaning at the same time) edit velocity or any other parameters of those inner notes. Hope my question is clear enough and thanks in advance.

I know of no mechanism for something like that.

Other than copy it and put it in on a layer or something, drag select is what I mainly use along with the shift key to add/remove from the selection.

I don’t see how it would work, so you have a selection and you want to regain that selection after you loose it?