Grouping MIDI

Hello all,

I have cubase 6.5 and am new to this forum. I have a question, which may have been answered before.

I’m running multiple midi tracks through kontakt and play and would like to group them into a single group track so I can insert a reverb effect to that track as opposed to inserting on each individual track. For the life of me i can seem to get this to work. When I create a group track, where on the midi track do i click to make it go through the group track. This is easy with an auido track as there is an option to simply change the output to the group channel. But, no such option exists with midi tracks. I tried changing the send of the midi to the group, but this doesnt work either. I dont see why this wouldnt be available for midi. Thanks for your help!!

P.s. I encounter the samd issue with fx tracks.

you cant reverb midi?

I can absolutely reverb any midi track instrument with a plugin by simply adding the appropriate(altiverb in this case) audio insert to the midi track.

But what Im wondering was how to I group the midi tracks into one simple group track. When I try to do it no audio comes out of the group track. Am I doing this wrong, or is this not available with midi?

When you say midi do you mean the output of a vsti?

You would group the outputs of the vsti’s

Or better still, for reverb make an FX channel with a reverb on it and use the sends on the vsti audio outputs.

Thank you for your response…

Yes I’ve made an fx track and routed the sends of the vst to the fx track, but nothing is happening. After reading the manual that all seemed pretty straight forward, but it not working began this journey of mine.

So, for ex. I just remade an fx track labeled “fx - Altiverb7” routed the audio sends of my midi track(play hollywood strings) to the fx1-altiverb 7 track, enabled it and still no fx. Im just using reverb as an example. Of course I’d have the same issue if it were any other fx. Not sure if its a setting in cubase or am I not using the proper send??>

Problem Solved!!!

Thanks anyways. :wink:

Do Tell, what was the problem?