grouping multiple rests

How do i group multiple bars rest?

In Layout Options, go to the Players page, and make sure the “Use multi-bar rests” option is switched on.

Thanks it worked fine except the number 1 over the single bar rest is not absolutely necessary

There will be an option in Engraving Options to prevent the 1 from showing above single bar rests in the 1.0.10 update.

Hi, I’m really struggling with the multi rest function. I cannot manage to force it to a 4 bar multiple rest (see screenshot).
Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-21 um 16.40.16.png

Is this an XML import? Is one of those clefs explicit? Try selecting a clef and pressing delete.

Do you have any hidden signposts?

it’s an xml import, yes.
I managed it by deleting the bars and adding new ones…
It would be a real cool feature to have multi bar rest regions like with the slash regions…

Multi-rests are not something you “do” in the score, but a setting on a per-layout basis. Layout Options–Players, I think.

Their behavior is predictable in that regard, but because it was an XML import, there were certainly some factors that prevented Dorico from creating it. Anyways, glad you got it resolved.