Grouping staff labels of adjacent ... - Violins 1 and 2 Problem

Hey all, how do I get Dorico into restating “Violin” for the second group (instead of writing “Violin” for both groups which looks odd and I’ve never seen in the wild)? Me and another user had the idea of renaming the Instrument for the second group, but it does not work.

Note: The work is entirely for solistic strings, there are no unisono sections. Using divisi was my first try, but it seems to defeat a lot of Dorico’s wonderful functionality.

This issue was first reported in the Facebook group - link here.

Unfortunately, at the present time the grouping features for staff labels don’t take player groups into account, so you’ll end up with a single group spanning all five instruments.

I can only offer workarounds rather than solutions, I’m afraid. I would suggest that you change the type of instrument held by the players in the second group to be Fiddles rather than Violins. Then you can use the Edit Names dialog to change the visible staff labels from “Fiddle” to “Violin”. Dorico will then produce the grouping you’re looking for.

Changing instruments
Editing instrument names

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Awesome, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: