Grouping tracks Cubase 11 pro

Error Cubase 11 pro, grouping tracks must be simple and nothing works. I selected 10 midi tracks clicked add to group named piano, add outside and … trying this group to mute ,solo … not working , it feels no any group is created. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Watched many youtube … dont understand what im doing wrong :grinning:
By the way after Cubase AI , pro making me wonder, some function start working weird, metronome stoped working at all ( no any sound) after changing almost everything in metronome settings, suddenly start working.
Another thing, i am working with instrument tracks about a year and now trying to add midi track and ups :slight_smile: not so fast. Dont understand how it works.I mean its genius in simplicity, but not this time.


Group Channel doesn’t work for MIDI Tracks. It works for Audio, Instrument, FX and Group tracks/channels only.

Wondering if there is a good reason why it is not working on MIDI tracks?

A workaround could be to use Folder Tracks and move all tracks into the folder. Then it can be soloed, muted…if this isn’t working with MIDI tracks as well?


Because MIDI data routing is different from Audio routing.

You can do this. Be aware, the Folder track doesn’t have its representation in the MixConsole.

Which is imho a pitty. I’d love to have a collapse/expand feature in the Mix Console as well. Perhaps this was already addressed as a feature request?