Groups Tracks - automation

Short question:

Can I send a number of tracks to a separate track, so I can volume automate that separate track and it will push all tracks sent up and down in volume, but not effect the relative volumes between, as it is doing them all together?

Same question but longer:

I am probably doing this all wrong but I have written some orchestral music and am now at the mixing stage. To make it easier to handle I have tried to bring parts together; all trumpets as one, horns as one, clarinets and oboes as one, all strings as one, bassoon and double bass as one etc. ,and in doing so, have tweaked each individual track - volume automation and some panning etc. - so the resulting group sounds right with correct relative volumes etc. What I was thinking of doing next was mixing down this groups so instead of having 60 tracks, at present I have one for each instrument, I have about 20 , for these groups I have created, but before physically going through the process of mixing down each group I was wondering: Is it possible to take a number of tracks and send them to another track that I can automate the volume on so it effects all tracks on group. Eg. Can I send all trumpets to a separate track, so I can automate that seperate track and it will push all trumpets up and down in vloume but not effect the relative volumes between as it is doing them all together.


Yes, you can do this. This Channel is called Group Channel. You have to route it to the Channel from the output of the source (Audio) Channel.

The easiest ways is to select the Channels in the MixConsole. Right-click, and choose Add Group Channel to Selected Channels…

Much much thanks for this, I think I am half way there . I have done this but sadly it doesn’t give me a volume option on the group track automation. I can pan and other stuff and can mute, all as paremeters, but there is no volume. I can go to add a parameter and can see volume, I even click on it , but it does not get added. Any reason for this do you think ?

In fact scratch the second question! My bad ! I have just sorted it out . Many many thanks !!!