Grove agent 5 not visually updating edits in midi editor UI

Hi, when activating the ‘show note lenth’ view instead of the diamond notes, entering notes w the drumstick doesn’t show the notes in the UI. I can hear the notes just entered but can’t see them. Sometimes when switching to another pattern and returning the notes appear or when changing to another tool the notes might appear.
Same with the eraser tool, erasing a note does not delete it from the UI. I’d like to work with the ‘show note lenth’ ON to sustain notes.
A work around for entering notes without the drumstick is simply double click w the mouse cursor, but is there another way to delete notes ? Using the delete key or double click doesn’t seem to erase the selected note.

Macbook Pro, Apple M1 Pro,32 GB, Ventura 13.6.1
GA [64 bit]

Thank you!