Grove Agent - Doubling sounds and playing the sounds when not on the Grove Agent Track

Hello everyone.

I am trying to understand Groove SE4 (Cubase 9 Pro). I have barely worked with this but already running into a problem.

I have several tracks
Track 1) It’s a piano VST
Track 2) Vocal track
Track 3) Grove Agent SE4

Prior to activating Grove Agent 4, I was playing the VST piano piece on Track 1 all is good no doubling of sound.

However, after I launched Grove Agent 4 when play my (VST piano on track 1) it is picking up the drums from Grove Agent 4 which is evidentaly the sounds from the track 3?.

Also when I go to Grove Agent SE 4 track (Track 3) with my drums when I hit a note on my keyboard it is like a doubling of the sound.
E.G. I hit the kick drum a millisecond later there is another kick drum. I press the snare a millisecond later there is another snare.

Thanks for your help.


Is Monitor or Record enabled on the Groove Agent SE track? If yes, you send the MIDI data from your hardware to the Groove Agent SE too.

I rebooted computer. After that the doubling of sounds stopped. Thanks for reply.