14 months of daily use was too much for it. We really need to do away with these things. :cry:

A touch of super glue and it’ll be like new :laughing:

Seriously, they should really make these things a lot tougher!

For thirty bucks this little sucker should have a cover made of carbon steel! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or at least have a more secure joint in the plastic… :wink:

Look at the bright side:
It still looks functional so you won’t have an issue transferring your licenses. :slight_smile:

Another user on these forums suggested wrapping clear tape around the thing as a reinforcement. Just a suggestion.

I’ve done the clear tape trick and it works fine.

Super glue, ducktape, and Google. My three best friends. My my, I HATE dongles. :smiley:

Thanks guys. If anyone else needs to vent about their dongle misadventures, please feel free to do so here!!

I have a good solution for you, Bane … QUIT YANKIN’ YOUR DONGLE!!! I know it’s hard (no pun intended) at your age but jeez, man … have a little self control!

And as far as the USB e-Licenser goes … when I first got my Studio 5 all I had was a laptop so I was inserting and removing my dongle nearly every day :mrgreen: . What was I talking about? … Oh, yeah … USB e-Licenser …

Mine started chipping and cracking right around the insertion point a few months after I got it so I decided to apply a generous amount of hand lotion … wait … I mean a dab of super glue and some wrappings of electrical tape … and things have been good ever since.

Anyway … yeah, they could definitely be a little more robust. Not so much of an issue for me at this point since it just hangs out in the back of the desktop most of the time but for mobile laptop users it is always something to worry about.

It might be skinny but it sure is long … :smiley:

Just make sure you can see the small light blinking if you use gaff so if the dongle is pulled out part way through a session it cannot be recovered.

Someone posted this a while ago, and I’ve been doing it ever since:

I plug the dongle into the female end of a USB hub (it’s a 4-header, but it could even be a 1-head extender).

Then the male end of the hub is what goes in and out of the computer. The dongle itself is never really handled again.

Further: I bought some velcro with stickum on the backside, and applied one bit to the dongle/hub, and the other side of velcro to the back of my desktop, and that’s where it is “stored”.

Roll of gaffer tape and few cable ties and it’ll be as good as a new. Anything you can’t fix with those isn’t worth to fix.

What do you mean!! I love playing darts with my dongle! :mrgreen:

No, really, probably some good advice. :stuck_out_tongue: I am using it with a laptop, and sometimes if you’re not careful your knee or the couch will start placing some upward pressure on the elicenser. That’s why I now work primarily at a desk. :mrgreen:

The clear tape solution is looking easiest, since I don’t have a powered USB hub. I’m still feeling pretty safe since I’ve registered my licenses, but I’m gonna try to get my hands on another dongle asap if I can. :neutral_face:

You have elements right Bane?

Simply port the license to software and if your system crashes you can download it again.

Nope, Essential 5.


So is there an upgrade path for you?

Can you purchase on EDU so you obtain a new Dongle?

I have an upgrade path to Artist 6 and the full. No, I won’t be able to get an EDU discount on a dongle. :frowning:
I have a close friend who has Elements. If I needed to compare anything, I could use it for a short period of time.
Right now, I’m using tape to fix it. Yes, more sturdy dongles should be a priority!

My dongle is attached to a 6" long USB extension cable. I don’t have to even touch the dongle to move it to another machine and I can’t snap it off when I’m groping around at the back. (Well - what do YOU do for fun?). :unamused:

This should be a sticky somewhere. One look, and the mechanical benefits of something like this should be immediately obvious to everyone.

So even if you only have one, you just get the usb extension, and then you let the single dongle dangle.

Does Elements allow exporting of Tempo Track data, since I believe only the full C6 does which could potentially be a great problem no?